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Editorial Services
The growth of the Hispanic community in the United States and the strengthening of transcontinental ties with countries and families of origin has inspired an unprecedented need to publish books in Spanish and translate English language books into Spanish authored by Latino authors. We are here to assist you in all your production/editorial needs—from translation to finished books.

► Translation
We offer English-Spanish and Spanish-English translations of any given text, from full-length books (fiction or non-fiction). We utilize standard Spanish that it is easily accessible to Spanish-language readers of all cultural backgrounds, regardless of their nationality.

For more information on Indent Editorial Services, please feel free to email us at We will be glad to answer any questions.

Online Workshops (Five days workshops Early Sept and early March)

Intensely creative, pushing you beyond what you thought you were capable of achieving—you eat, sleep, drink, breathe writing. And all around you are the rocky mountains, the gorgeous town of Frisco, Colorado (link to pics of town and workshop center), and the river just ten feet away from the back porch.

Workshops are held for three hours each morning, focusing on writing exercises, reading and critiquing work, and talking about writing technique. The afternoons allow private time for reading and writing. Evenings are spent with public readings from instructors and workshop participants.

Whether you’ve been writing for years, recently graduated from an MFA program, or have just now decided to take the leap out of your private notebooks and into a classroom, you’ll find your place here to help you accomplish your literary goals.

Cost: 2,000 for workshop and breakfast and dinner (lodging in town and travel additional)

Selected Authors Irene Has Edited or Published:

  • Jacobo Timerman
  • Simone Schwarz-Bart
  • Jorge Amado
  • Gioconda Belli
  • Moacyr Scliar
  • Ernesto Cardenal
  • Gisele Pineau
  • Alfredo Bryce Echenique
  • Edgardo Rodriguez Julia
  • Goncalo Tavares
  • David Toscana
  • Manuela Fingueret
  • Peter Grandbois
  • Lucia Puenzo
  • Adriana Lisboa